Court Hey – A Fairtrade Church

Our Church is justified in feeling pleased with our involvement with Fairtrade since 2009. Over the years together with The Fourth Dimension Trust charity shop in Huyton we have ordered and sold Fairtrade goods.

Traidcraft is quite a small trading company guaranteeing 50% of the money from their goods going to farmers whether tea, coffee, honey, sugar, choco-late and many other produce. The produce is of a high standard, it also ena-bles them to buy good quality seeds and speciality hardy seeds that can grow in some very dry areas. This enables them to grow produce in in spite of ad-verse weather conditions.

It is commendable to buy any Fairtrade goods but those bought in a super-market only give a third of the cost to the farmers.

Most people understand that the purchase of Fairtrade goods help people to live independently in their own country. Enabling them to make money to feed and educate their families. Lifting them out of misery and grinding pov-erty.
Only Fairtrade goods are used in our Church and the Fourth Dimension Shop.

Please continue to support Fairtrade in all your purchases.