At Court Hey Church we have been donating food to a local Foodbank centre since January 2011.

We first became involved when a lady asked to give a talk at our Churchs’ Womens Meeting. The lady, Nira Hodgkinson, told us that while on holiday in Devon she accidentally came across a Foodbank Centre and was so surprised to learn there was such a need for food donations in that area. She felt there was probably a need for this on Merseyside too.

Consequently Nira with help from others, was instrumental in setting up the very first Foodbank, through the Trussell Trust, in South Liverpool.

Since then many Foodbanks have become established locally and the food that we collect each week at Church is now donated to the Knowsley Foodbank Centre. The food is distributed to individuals and families that are in a short term crisis.

‘Let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions’. (1 John 3:18)