Visiting us for the first time

Visiting us for the first time? 

We know visiting a church for the first time can be a little strange even daunting but we hope this page will give you reassurance that you are very welcome.

You may have noticed some friendly faces on our noticeboard in the foyer, these are our church stewards, they are all wearing badges to be easily identified and they are here to help you. Please don’t hesitate to ask them or the Minister anything at all (even if they look busy!!!). Here’s some information that might help you feel more comfortable.

What will happen – on entering the building you will be greeted by our door stewards.

They’ll guide you to the sanctuary (church) on the left where the services take place.

All our services are projected on a large screen. If you would rather have a hymn book we have standard and large print copies available just ask.

All our ground floor ; Sanctuary, Hall, toilets are wheelchair accessible.

Dress code – wear some & sit anywhere you like

Court Hey folk are welcoming – someone may approach you and say hello – you might like this others may not and want to be left alone. If we get it wrong just politely tell us we won’t be offended.

Who is in charge of leading a service? – Generally they are led by a Minister, Lay Preacher or Worship Team.

Communion – Holy Communion is where everyone is invited to take a piece of bread and a small glass of non alcoholic wine, or if you’d rather not just receive a blessing. There is a great significance in this ceremony but basically it reminds us of Jesus. You’re under no obligation no one will think badly of you if you decline.

You’ll be directed down to the   communion rail by the stewards so don’t worry about when it’s your turn to go. 

The Peace – every so often in a service the preacher will say “Peace be with you” and invite everyone to share the peace. Which is usually done by shaking hands. You may feel awkward in a room of strangers but just shake hands and say hello. Equally if you’d rather not that’s fine too.

Money – There is a collection taken each worship service to help pay for staff, other resources and general upkeep of the building. As a first time visitor you’re not obliged to contribute it’s entirely up to you. 

Refreshments – After the service you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits in the hall. A time to chat and get to know people.

We hope you enjoy your Court Hey experience and we’ll see you again soon